Community Health Services Division

The mission of Community Health Services (CHS) Division of Wicomico County Health Department is to improve the general health of the public, reduce health disparities, and ensure access to care through the provision of direct clinical services, education, prevention health services, case management, and communicable disease investigation and surveillance.  The CHS Division consists of multiple programs partnering and collaborating…

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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Wicomico County has the 4th highest rate of Chlamydia and the 2nd highest rate of Gonorrhea in the state of Maryland. (2016 data)  BACTERIAL or VIRAL – what’s the difference??? Bacterial Caused by various sorts of bacteria. Most are curable, such as: Syphilis Gonorrhea (some strains) Chlamydia Viral Caused by viruses and most are not curable, but may be treatable, such as: Human Papillomavirus Genital…

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