Epidemiological Investigations


Phone(410) 543-6943

Fax: (410) 548-5151

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Outbreak Investigation: Reduces the incidence of communicable disease through aggressive investigation, surveillance and educational measures in the community

Rabies: Contact your local Health Department immediately to report rabies exposure.  In Wicomico County: 410-546-4446.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Wicomico County has the 4th highest rate of Chlamydia and the 2nd highest rate of Gonorrhea in the state of Maryland. (2016 data)  BACTERIAL or VIRAL – what’s the difference??? Bacterial Caused by various sorts of bacteria. Most are curable, such as: Syphilis Gonorrhea (some strains) Chlamydia Viral Caused by viruses and most are not curable, but may be treatable, such as: Human Papillomavirus Genital…

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