Community Health Services

Community Health Services

The mission of Community Health Services (CHS) Division of Wicomico County Health Department is to improve the general health of the public, reduce health disparities, and ensure access to care through the provision of direct clinical services, education, prevention health services, case management, and communicable disease investigation and surveillance. 

The CHS Division consists of multiple programs partnering and collaborating to ensure achievement of our mission. 

Programs include: Communicable Disease Program, Reproductive Health Program, Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, School Based Wellness Center, and Medical Records Program.  Many direct clinical services and prevention activities are provided through these programs.  

Services/activities: birth control and pregnancy testing; screening; diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections; influenza vaccines; adult and childhood immunizations; TB prevention and treatment; breast and cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment; HIV testing; immigration health screening, employee health etc.  Case management services include HIV/AIDS case management.  Epidemiological investigations and surveillance activities are conducted for all instances of reportable communicable diseases, rabies, and food borne illnesses.  Communicable disease trends are monitored for health and strategic planning to reduce disease prevalence and public impact. 


Phone(410) 543-6962 or (410) 548-6943

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Main OfficeWilliam Fritz Health Center, 300 West Carroll Street, Salisbury, MD 28101

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