Death Certificates

MARYLAND DEATH CERTIFICATES ONLY – Death Certificate Application

Beginning Monday, July 10, 2023, the Wicomico County Health Department Vital Records department will take appointments for death certificates on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY.

ALL customers will be required to make an appointment in order to obtain a death certificate. Appointments must be made for EACH certificate being requested (e.g. three different birth or death certificates must have three separate appointments). 

Death certificates being obtained by funeral homes will be issued on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am-4pm closed 1pm-1:30pm.

REMINDER: Vital Records has moved to the 4th Floor of the Seth H. Hurdle Building (108 East Main St, Salisbury, MD 21801).

To make an appointment click here. For questions, call 410-543-6949 


*Death certificates are $20.00 for the first copy and $22.00 for each copy after the first one that is bought within 24 hours. The certificates for deaths that occurred on or after January 1, 2015 can be purchased at the Wicomico County Health Dept.  Any deaths that occurred on or before December 31, 2014 will have to be purchased from Vital Statistics in Baltimore, MD.

Persons who can apply:

  • Surviving relative of the deceased
  • Authorized representative of a surviving relative of the deceased

  • Funeral director who was in charge of the final disposition of the body of the deceased
  • An individual who has a proven legal need
  • Court of law

To receive same day service the following Identification is required:

  • Valid state identification card/Drivers License
  • Current U.S. issued passport
  • Military ID for Active Service Personnel
  • Prison ID with picture (must have expiration date)

If you do not have one of the identifications listed above you can also receive a death certificate by mail with two different pieces of alternative documentation. At least one of these documents must contain your current mailing address.  Acceptable documents are:

  • Current pay stub
  • Current car registration
  • Current bank statement
  • Current lease / rent agreement
  • Current property deed
  • Utility bill with current address
  • Copy of tax return / W2

In addition to Identification, customers will need to provide one of the Death Certificate Entitlement Documentation documents below:

​A surviving relative of the deceased must prove relationship to the deceased with documentation such as:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Obituary

An authorized representative of a surviving relative of the deceased will need documentation such as:

  • Letter of Administration
  • ​Signed by the Court Clerk or the Register of Wills
  • Authorization of Release
    • Signed by a surviving relative
    • ​Must include a copy of the surviving relative’s valid ID
    • ​Must include name of deceased
    • ​Must include relationship of surviving relative to deceased

If required by a court of law, provide a copy of the court order

If making an insurance claim or other type of business need, you must provide documentation such as:

  • Letter from the insurance company
  • Deed
  • Vehicle Title

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