Wicomico County & the Bay Restoration Fund (BRF)

The Wicomico County Health Department assists individual property owners through the Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) Onsite Sewer Disposal System (OSDS) grant program. The Department has upgraded over 425 septic systems to nitrogen removing Best Available Technology (BAT) through the program.

Due to very high demand, the Department now prioritizes funding for septic system upgrades toward those systems that pose the greatest threat to clean waterways and drinking water. In accordance with State law, the Bay Restoration Fund prioritizes upgrades as follows:

    1. Failing OSDS or holding tanks in the Critical Areas
    2. Failing OSDS or holding tanks not in the Critical Areas
    3. Non-failing OSDS in the Critical Areas including new BAT installation
    4. Non-failing OSDS outside the Critical Areas

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