Open Burning Guidance

Wicomico County Residents Should Take Precautions When Conducting Open Air Burnings

Fall is a season of high fire danger in Maryland and open air burning is the leading cause of wildfire in Maryland, accounting for over 30% of wildfire starts. County officials are reminding residents who wish to conduct burning activities to adhere to Maryland State and County regulations. Contact the Wicomico County Health Department to determine if a permit is required prior to initiating any burning.
Persons wishing to burn should remember the following:

  1. Burning must be at least 200ft away from any dwelling or place of congregation.
  2. Burning must be at least 200ft away from any road, as long as the smoke doesn’t cross the road.
  3. Burning must be 400ft away from any fuel/gas tank.
  4. Do not burn on rainy, windy or cloudy days.
  5. Stay with the fire until it is completely out.
  6. Always have sufficient help. Water, tools and equipment must readily be available at the burn site to control the fire.
  7. NEVER burn hazardous materials.
  8. All structures to be burned must be left intact; piled debris is considered solid waste and must be disposed of at the county landfill.
  9. Any burning activities that create a nuisance must be extinguished immediately regardless if activity is permitted or not.

Leaf and household trash burning is permitted only if NO PUBLIC COLLECTION service is available and appropriate setbacks are met.

For further information about State or County burning regulations please call the Wicomico County Health Department Environmental Health Division at 410-546-4446.


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