Medical Assistance for Families Program

Maryland Medical Assistance

In 2007, Medical Assistance eligibility was expanded to include parents with dependent children and other family members caring for children. Then in 2013, Medical Assistance was further expanded to include single adults with no children through the Affordable Care Act. Medical Assistance gives full health benefits to adults who meet the technical and financial guidelines. Medical Assistance enrollees may obtain care from a chosen or assigned Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) through the Maryland HealthChoice Program.

Who is eligible for Maryland Medical Assistance?

  • Children
  • Parents with dependent children and other family members caring for children who meet specified income guidelines.
  • Single or married adults who meet specified income guidelines.
  • See Maryland Medical Assistance for Families income guidelines

How can I get more information?

  • Visit the State of Maryland’s Medical Assistance for Families website
  • Call the Wicomico County Health Department’s MCHP Program at (410) 543-6944
  • Visit the MCHP program in the William Fritz building 300 W Carroll St Salisbury, MD

What if I don’t have children?

  • Even if you do not have children, you may still qualify for medical assistance through the Maryland Health Connection. You can apply HERE or in person at your local Health Department or Department of Social Services. If you do not qualify for medical assistance, you may still qualify for a reduced-cost health plan. We encourage you to apply to determine which options are available to you. 

Applicants will be required to provide proof of citizenship and identity

The Federal Deficit Reduction Act requires that all individuals declaring to be U.S. citizens provide documentation of their citizenship and identity. This requirement applies to all Maryland Medical Assistance Programs. Documents must only be provided once. If the required documents are already in the case record, you do not have to submit them again. For complete citizenship and identity information.

One of the following documents may be used to prove both citizenship and identity:

  • U.S. Passport (current or expired)
  • Certificate of Naturalization (N-550 or N-570) OR
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-560 or N-561)

Proof of Citizenship:

  • U.S. Birth Certificate
  • Record for child under the age of 16 created near the date of birth and showing U.S. place of birth: record on hospital letterhead or other medical record, except immunization record
  • Record showing U.S. place of birth, if created at least 5 years before the individual’s first application. Record on hospital letterhead, medical record of the birth, institutional admission papers, signed statement by physician or midwife who attended the birth, Vital Statistics notice of birth registration, insurance record
  • Final adoption decree for child born in U.S.
  • Certificate of citizen born abroad (DS-1350, FS-240, FS-545)
  • Military service record showing U.S. place of birth
  • Evidence of U.S. civil service employment before 6/1/76
  • Federal or state census record for 1900-1950 showing U.S. citizenship or U.S. place of birth
  • ID card for naturalized citizen living in Mexico or Canada (I-179 or I-197) OR
  • Two written and signed statements by U.S. citizens who have personal knowledge of the individual’s citizenship and why documentation is not available. At least one of those affidavits must be signed by someone who is not related to the applicant or recipient. Both signors must prove their own U.S. citizenship and identity. A third affidavit must be signed by the individual, parent, guardian, etc. explaining why the other types of documentation are not available

One of the following documents may be used to verify Proof of Identity:

  • Photo driver’s license or MVA ID card
  • Photo school ID card
  • Photo federal, state, or local government ID card
  • U.S. military card or draft record
  • Military dependent’s ID card OR
  • For children under 16, a school record, nursery or day care record, or written statement signed by parent or guardian (if a written statement was not used as documentation of citizenship) Links to forms below.

How can I apply for Medical Assistance?

The application is brief and the process is simple. The application asks for general information and social security numbers for people living in the house, address, telephone number, private insurance information, and income information. 

To get an MCHP application you can:

Return your application by: 

  • If you live in Wicomico County and are pregnant or applying for Medical Assistance only, you can:
    • Mail to MCHP Program, 100 East Main Street, Salisbury, MD 21801.
    • Fax it to MCHP Program (410) 543-6568.
  • If you do not live in Wicomico County, find the contact information for your county
  • If you want to apply for other services, such as food stamps or case assistance, visit the Local Department of Social Services in your county and fill out an application.

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