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How to Apply for Services

In order for DDA to determine whether a person is eligible for services, the person or someone acting on their behalf must complete an application for DDA services.

The DDA Application for Services can be downloaded from DDA’s website, mailed to you, or you can pick one up from any of DDA’s four (4) regional offices located in Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western Maryland.

Once DDA has received your application and supporting documentation, DDA, or a representative, will contact you to schedule an interview. After completing the application process, you will receive a letter stating your eligibility status. If eligible, the letter will also include information on which priority category you have been found eligible for. Letters also contain information to assist the person in filing an appeal if they feel that they have not been placed in the proper eligibility priority category.

Eligibility for services does not mean that the DDA is able to provide funding to address your needs. It means that when designated funding for your priority category is available and you have the greatest need, your coordinator of community services will be informed and help you explore services and provider options. People allocated funding must apply for the DDA Community Pathways waiver. 

1.  Call our office at 410-543-6790 for general information,on how to obtain an application or apply for services.

  * Residential, day and supported employment services require a completed Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) application plus documentation of disability. The DDA application can be requested through our office or obtained online.

2.  When completing the application, present a realistic picture of the applicant’s challenges and skills. Be certain that you communicate the reasons the applicant needs services.

3.  If you have any questions while completing the application, please feel free to call The Eastern Shore Regional Office at 410-572-5920.

4.  Mail or drop your application to: The Eastern Shore Regional Office, ATTENTION: Eligibility and Access Unit, 926 Snow Hill Road, Salisbury, MD 21804

5.  After documentation has been obtained the Eastern Shore Regional Office can assign the applicant to our  Wicomico Resource Coordination office.  A Resource Coordinator  will contact you and set up a Comprehensive Assessment meeting.

6.  During your meeting, emphasize again the applicant’s needs and challenges. Present copies of any new relevant paperwork, and discuss any new information that may affect the application.

7.  The DDA representative will make a recommendation about the application. The representative will recommend (a) whether or not the applicant is eligible for services, (b) which services the applicant is eligible for, and the priority recommended for funding for each service, provided funds are available.

8.  DDA reviews the recommendations and application. A decision is made regarding the eligibility for services. A letter is sent to the applicant and copied to the Resource Coordinator.

9.  If the decision regarding your application or eligibility is not what you wanted or expected, you may file an appeal. The DD representative can help you with this process.