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About our program

Coordination of Community Services provides information/referral and case management services for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

This program:

  • Assists families in locating and arranging diagnostic evaluations, treatment, day programs, residential support and individuals/family support services.
  • Provides, for individuals in service, assistance in implementing individual choice addressing individual satisfaction and assuring that the individual’s needs and preferences are addressed through the Individual Plan process.
  •  Assists the individual in identifying, locating and brokering services, which may include generic programs, natural supports, other state programs including Medicaid State Plan Services and services funded by Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).


Overview of DDA

   The Developmental Disabilities Admistration (DDA) provides a coordinated service delivery system so that people withdevelopmental/intellectual disabilities receive appropriate services oriented toward the goal of integration into the community. The DDA partners with people with developmental/intellectual disabilities to provide leadership and resources to live fulfilling lives. People with developmental/intellectual disabilities have the right to direct their lives and services.

  Services are provided through a combination of State Residential Centers (SRCs), Forensic Residential Facilities, and a wide array of community-based services delivered primarily through a network of non-profit providers licensed by the DDA.

   The DDA’s community-based service delivery systems includes various home and community-based services and supports provided through either a Medicaid State Plan or Waiver program or via DDA State funded services.


Mission of the DDA

  DDA partners with people with developmental disabilities to provide leadership and resource to live fulfilling lives.

Vision of the DDA

  People with developmental disabilities will have full lives in the communities of their choice where they are included, participate, and are active citizens.

Goals of the DDA:

  People with developmental disabilities...

  • direct their lives;
  • have viable support options; and
  • have information to make decisions in the following essential focus areas for community living:
    • Self-determination
    • Self-advocacy
    • Supporting families
    • Employment
    • Housing


The DDA Service Delivery Stystem:

  The DDA’S headquarters office is located in Baltimore Maryland at the State Office Complex. We have organized our Service Delivery System into regions. To find out which regional office serves your county, go to http://dda.health.maryland.gov

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Wicomico County
Coordination of Community Services

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