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Closing the Gap: Hispanic Women and Breast Cancer Program
A Program of the Prevention and Health Communications Department
Funded By: Susan G. Komen Maryland

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Closing the Gap: 
Hispanic Women and Breast Cancer

2 Hispanic women posing together, 1 older and 1 middle aged

Wicomico County Health Department received funding from Susan G. Komen Maryland to continue implementing the "Closing the Gap: Hispanic Women and Breast Cancer" program. The program, in its 15th year, provides culturally appropriate education, outreach, referrals, and breast cancer screening to rural Hispanic women in Wicomico, Somerset, and Worcester Counties. Services are provided by a Komen Maryland Breast Health Navigator who is a native Spanish-speaker and a certified interpreter.

For more information about the program, please call the Prevention and Health Communications Office at 410-334-3480

Who is eligible for the Komen Program?

2 Hispanic women posing, 1 young adult and 1 middle aged

  • Hispanic Women;
  • All ages;
  • Wicomico, Somerset or Worcester County residents;
  • No health insurance or insurance with high deductibles.

The Komen Program provides:

SCREENING SERVICES                                          SUPPORT SERVICES
Clinical Breast Exam                                               Interpretation & Translation
Mammogram                                                            Transportation
Diagnostic Mammogram
Surgical Consultation

No documentation is required for the Komen Breast Cancer Screening Program.  
If further diagnosis or treatment is required after screening, pay stubs and proof of residency will be required for referral to the State of Maryland Diagnosis and Treatment Program


How do I refer someone?

Contact Elizabeth Martinez, Komen Maryland Breast Health Navigator at the Wicomico County Health Department

(410) 334 - 3480 ext. 17486 or elizabeth.martinez@maryland.gov