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Wicomico County has the 4th highest rate of
Chlamydia and the 2nd highest rate of Gonorrhea
in the state of Maryland. (2016 data) 

BACTERIAL or VIRAL - what's the difference???




Caused by various sorts of bacteria.  Most are curable, such as:

  • Syphilis

  • Gonorrhea (some strains)

  • Chlamydia


Caused by viruses and most are not curable, but may be treatable, such as:

  • Human Papillomavirus

  • Genital Herpes


Image of bacteria   Image of virus

Did You Know?

CHLAMYDIA affects about 3 million people in the U.S. each year;

SYPHILLIS is curable, and is most contagious in its early stages;

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) has a vaccine called Gardasil
® that protects against most of the cervical cancer and genital wart causing cases;

GENITAL HERPES currently has no cure, but is treatable so a patient won't have as many breakouts;

GONORRHEA is also known as "the clap” and there is 1 strain that is not curable;

If left untreated, STIs can lead to major health problems.


1 in 2 sexually active teens
will contract an STI
before the age of 25.

Most people with an STI
have no symptoms.

Image: MTV's GYT campaign

GYT is a campaign of
MTV's "It's Your Sex Life."

Did You Know?

You CAN get HIV from:

  • Dirty needles (IV drug use or tattoo needles)
  • Anal, oral, and vaginal sex
  • Breast milk
  • Semen, vaginal fluids, or any other bodily fluids containing access to the bloodstream
  • Mother to baby

You CANNOT get HIV from:

  • Sitting next to someone with HIV
  • From mosquitos
  • Donating blood at a blood bank