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School Based Wellness Center

Wicomico Middle School

Wicomico High School
410-677-5146 ext 27344

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  Because a healthy student

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is a better learner!

Wellness Center Mission
Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy learners!

Increase access to medical, mental health, and dental services.
Increase healthy lifestyle behaviors through education and wellness promotion activities.

ALL students of Wicomico Middle School are eligible to receive services by enrolling in the Wellness Center.

Enrollment does require parental permission.

Enrollment forms can be obtained from the Wellness Center, school nurse, or guidance counselors.




  • Physical examinations
  • Health risk assessments
  • Treatment of minor illnesses/injuries
  • Treatment of chronic illnesses (asthma, diabetes...)
  • Immunizations
  • Prescriptions
  • Counseling
  • Health education
  • Nutrition and exercise programs
  • Linkages to health insurance

Frequently asked questions

What is a School-Based Wellness Center (SBWC)?

A SBWC is a health care center, similar to a doctor's office, on school grounds.  The Wicomico Middle Wellness Center and Wicomico High School are sponsored by the local health and provide medical and counseling services to enrolled students during the school day. 

Why provide these services at school?
Adolescents have the lowest utilization of health care services of any age group.  By the time students hit the middle-school years, most immunizations are up to date and many don't see a doctor on a regular basis.  Yet, this is also the time in life when their bodies are undergoing many changes.  Along with the physical changes, adolescents often experience many new feelings and emotions.  Because SBWCs are located on school grounds, students get to know the providers and feel comfortable coming to them with their concerns.

Do I need to be present when my child receives services?
No.  This is one of the benefits for parents, particularly working parents who may have difficulty taking time off from work.  The provider, of course, will contact you when your child has been seen.  Certainly, you have the option of being present.