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Public Health Laws And Regulations

Topic Public Health Area Law/ Regulation/Ordinance Citation Description
Air - Indoor air/ smoking Environment COMAR 10.19.04 Prohibition of smoking in indoor areas open to the public; local health departments investigate complaints
Air - Open burning Environment COMAR 26.11.07 Prohibits the start of an open fire without the proper permit and control officer approval.  Local health departments may review and issue permits; investigate complaints
Animals - Animal control Animal control Health General § 18-217 to 18-222 Evaluation and control of animals
Animals - Rabies Animal control Health General § 18-312 to 18-320 Control and investigation of , animal bites, rabies and potentially rabid animals
Animals - Rabies Animal control COMAR 10.06.02 Local health departments investigate animal attacks involving humans; collects and sends animal specimens; enforces quarantine periods; conducts vaccination clinics
Animals - Pet store inspections and exotic bird permits Animal control Health General §24-101 to 24-110 Public health agency inspects pet stores for compliance with reptile caution notices, exotic bird records, humane and sanitary conditions
Authority - Local Health Officer Authority Health General §3-301 to  3-309 Local health officer powers and duties
Authority - County Board of Health   Authority   Health General §3-301 to  3-309 County Board of Health powers and duties
Building  - Permits Environment COMAR 26.04.02 Local health department signs off on plans and issues building permits
Building - Plan Review Environment COMAR 26.04.03 Local health departments review site plans for major projects; public water and sewer site plan review; final plat review
Camps - Campgrounds Environment COMAR 10.16.03 Local health department performs inspections, investigates complaints and issues permits for campgrounds
Camps - Youth Camps Environment COMAR 10.16.06 Certifications for youth camps
Camps - Migratory Labor Camps Environment COMAR 10.16.01 Regulations protecting the public health and safety of occupants of migratory labor camps. 
Cancer - Breast Cancer Program Cancer Health General § 20-116 Establishes the Breast Cancer Program
Cancer - Breast and Cervical Cancer Program Cancer COMAR 10.14.04 Description of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program including responsibilities of local health departments
Cancer - Colorectal Cancer Control Program Cancer COMAR 10.14.06 Description of the Colorectal Cancer Control Program including responsibilities of local health departments 
Cancer - Maryland Cancer Fund Cancer COMAR 10.14.05 Description of the Maryland Cancer Fund 
Cancer - Use of Tanning Devices by Minors Cancer COMAR 10.52.06 Use of Tanning Devices by Minors
Disease Control - AIDS Investigations and Case Reporting AIDS/ HIV COMAR 10.18.03 Lists requirements for reporting a case of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and health officer follow-up of a physician report of AIDS
Disease Control - HIV and CD4+Lymphocyte Investigations and Case Reporting AIDS/ HIV COMAR 10.18.02  Requirements for physician reporting of a case of HIV or AIDS/ birth of an infant whose mother has tested positive for HIV; Institution reporting of a case of HIV or AIDS; Laboratory reporting of a test result for HIV infection or CD4+ count; and health officer follow-up of a physician report of AIDS
Disease Control - HIV/AIDS Definitions  AIDS/ HIV COMAR 10.18.04 Definitions related to HIV/AIDS
Disease Control - HIV Counseling and Testing for Pregnant Women AIDS/ HIV COMAR 10.18.09 Requirements for counseling and requirements for informed consent when HIV testing is performed on pregnant women
Disease Control - HIV Counseling and Testing Procedures AIDS/ HIV COMAR 10.18.08 Requirements for pretest and post-test counseling and requirements for informed consent when HIV testing is performed
Disease Control - HIV testing for Convicted AIDS/ HIV COMAR 10.52.10 HIV Testing of Persons Accused or Convicted, or Both, of Certain Crimes
Disease Control - Reportable diseases Epi/ Comm Dis Control COMAR List of Reportable Diseases and Conditions which health care providers, institutions and others are required to report.  
Disease Control - Reporting of infectious diseases Epi/ Comm Dis Control Health General §18-208 Health Officer required to report incidence of disease endangering public and take action to contain and combat it
Disease Control - Moving of infected individuals Epi/ Comm Dis Control Health General §18-211 Individuals with certain infectious diseases may be moved to appropriate housing
Disease Control - Isolation and quarantine  Epi/ Comm Dis Control Public Safety §14-3A-05 The Secretary of Health can order isolation and quarantine 
Disease Control - Quarantine Epi/ Comm Dis Control Health General §18-901 Health official may issue a directive to an individual or a group to go and remain in places of isolation or quarantine
Disease Control - Universal infection control precautions Epi/ Comm Dis Control COMAR 10.52.11 Universal infection control precautions
Disease Control - Sexually transmitted infections (STI) Sexually Transmitted infections COMAR  10.09.72  Local health department provides STD clinical services for screening, diagnosis, partner identification and treatment
Disease control - STI testing and contact tracing Sexually Transmitted infections COMAR 10.06.17 and .18 Local health department must assure clients and their contacts that have or have been exposed to certain reportable  STDs obtain appropriate treatment  and follow-up and all info is entered into state database
Disease control - Tuberculosis Epi/ Comm Dis Control COMAR Local health department must assure that individuals are assessed and treated per protocol and local health department must investigate contacts and treat accordingly - info entered into State database 
Emergency - Authority to enforce rules Emergency   Public Safety §14-113 Health Officer's ability to enforce rules and regulations made by the Governor during a state of emergency 
Emergency - Catastrophic Health Emergencies Act Emergency   Public Safety §14-3A-03 The Governor may order the Secretary of Health to control, restrict, or regulate the use, sale, or distribution of anything needed to respond to the medical consequences of an emergency and to require individuals to stay in isolation or quarantine until no longer a risk to others
Emergency - Catastrophic health emergency Emergency   COMAR 10.59.01 Requirements and standards for isolation and quarantine.
Emergency - Access to potable water Environment COMAR 26.04.01 Local health department assures supply of fresh water in an emergency
Emergency - Quarantine Epi/ Comm Dis Control Health General §18-901 Health official may issue a directive to an individual or a group to go and remain in places of isolation or quarantine
Facilities - Adult day care Adult Health  COMAR 10.12.04 and 26.04.04 A person may not establish, operate, or continue the operation of an adult daycare center without first obtaining a license from the State
Facilities - Assisted living Adult Health  COMAR 10.07.14 and 26.04.02 State requirements and licensing procedures for operating an assisted living facility that promotes health, safety and maximizes independence.
Facilities - Mobile home parks Environment COMAR 10.16.02 Local health departments performs inspections, investigates complaints and issues permits for mobile home parks
Facilities - Outdoor music festivals  Environment COMAR 10.16.05  Local health departments evaluate plans and inspect outdoor music festivals
Facilities - ADA compliance Environment COMAR 26.08.02 Requirements for handicap accessibility for facilities 
Family Planning - Family Planning Programs Family Planning COMAR 10.09.58 Administration of family planning programs
Food - Bottled Water Environment COMAR 10.15.11 Procedures for obtaining proper permits for bottling and dispersing drinking water from spring construction to unit processing operations.   State is responsible.
Food - Canning Environment COMAR 10.15.01  Requirements for operation of canning and acidified food manufacturing plants. State is responsible.
Food - Crab Meat Environment COMAR 10.15.02  Processing regulations to ensure safe and sanitary crab meat and working conditions for employees. State is responsible.  
Food - Food and Drink Processing and Transportation Environment COMAR 10.15.04  Processing, producing, transporting and/or storing items for human consumption must be handled using sanitary practices. State is responsible.
Food - Food Service Facilities Food COMAR 10.15.03 Public health agency assures that food service facilities serve food that is safe for human consumption, that buildings meet proper standards for cleanliness, agency conducts inspections, provides training, issues food service facility licenses and conducts food service facility plan reviews. 
Food - Frozen Dairy Foods  Environment COMAR 10.15.05  Manufacture and Sale of Frozen Dairy Foods and Ices Manufactured for Sale in Maryland; State is responsible.
Food - Manufactured Grade Milk Environment COMAR 10.15.06  Production, Processing, Transportation, Storage, and Distribution of Manufactured Grade Milk. State is responsible.
Food - Milk Environment COMAR 10.15.09  Production, Processing, Transportation, Storage, and Distribution of Milk. State is responsible.
Food - Seafood Environment COMAR 10.15.10  Procedures for the Safe Handling and Processing of Seafood. State is responsible.
Food - Shellfish Environment COMAR 10.15.07  Requirement for processing, handling shellfish which are sold for human consumption. State is responsible.
Food - Food borne illness investigations Food COMAR 10.06.01 and 10.15.03 Local health department investigates foodborne and water borne illnesses related to food service facilities and within institutional facilities; State and local health depts have roles.
Funding - State Funding for Local Health Services Environment COMAR 10.04.01 Amounts of State General funds to be provided to local health departments for Core Public Health Services
Hazards - Hazard investigations Environment Environment §10-201 The local Health Officer has the authority to investigate any condition that dangerous to human health and to inspect schools, places of employment and businesses.
Hazards - Hazardous substances  Environment COMAR 10.19.02 All provisions of 16 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1500 and 1505 apply; State and local health depts have roles.
Hazards - Controlled dangerous substances  Environment COMAR 10.19.03 Regulation for the state health agency to control the manufacturing, distributing, and use of controlled, dangerous substances.  State is responsible.
Hazards - Poison prevention packaging Dangerous Devices and Substances COMAR 10.19.06 All provisions of Code 16 of Federal Regulations Part 1700 apply.  State is responsible.
Hotels - Hotel/motel complaints Environment Health General §20-301 Local health department investigates complaints regarding hotels and motels
Immunizations - Meningococcal vaccination requirements Epi/ Comm Dis Control COMAR 10.06.05 Requirements for meningococcal vaccination of individuals enrolled in institutions of higher education who are living in on-campus student housing.
Immunizations - Requirements before entry into school Epi/ Comm Dis Control COMAR 10.06.04 A school may not knowingly admit or retain a student unless the student's parent or guardian has furnished evidence of age-appropriate immunity
Lead - Lead paint poisoning investigations Environment COMAR 26.02.07, 26.16.02 and 26.16.05 Regulations for appropriate techniques for abatement of lead-containing substances from interior and certain exterior surfaces in residential areas and day care properties
Medical Care Programs - Outreach to MCO clients Medical Care Programs COMAR Local health department assistance to bring individuals to care
Medical Care Programs - MCO complaints ombudsman program Medical Care Programs COMAR 10.09.72 Complaint resolution unit handles and transfers cases to local health departments
Medical Care Programs - Maryland Children's Health Program Medical Care Programs COMAR 10.09.11 Description of the Maryland Children's Health Program
Medical Care Programs - MCHP eligibility  Medical Care Programs COMAR Determining eligibility for the Maryland Children's Health Program
Medical Care Programs - Community First Choice Medical Care Programs COMAR 10.09.84 Description of the Community First Choice program
Medical Care Programs - Medical Assistance Personal Care Medical Care Programs COMAR 10.09.20 Description of the Medical Assistance Personal Care program
Medical Care Programs - STEPS case management  Medical Care Programs COMAR 10.09.30 Describes Statewide Evaluation and Planning Services (STEPS) 
Medical Care Programs - AERS Medical Care Programs COMAR 10.09.61 Describes Adult Evaluation and Review Services (AERS)
Nuisance - Complaints  Environment Environment § 10-201 Local health departments follows up on nuisance complaints
Nuisance - Regulation of general nuisances  Environment  County Code: Chapter 174 Regulations concerning local nuisance complaints 
School Health - Documents for school entry School health COMAR Documents required for entry into prekindergarten and kindergarten 
School Health - Physical exams, student records, health appraisals, counseling, communicable disease  School health COMAR 13A.05.05.07 Standards for all students relating to Physical Exams, Student Records, Health Appraisals, Counseling, Communicable Disease 
School Health - Emergency services School health COMAR 13A.05.05.09 CPR and first aid certification requirements
School Health - School Health Council  School health COMAR 13A.05.05.13 School Health Council requirements
School Health - High school AED program School health COMAR 13A.05.10.03 Minimum requirement for high school AED program.
School Health - Epi-Pen School health Education § 7-426.2 Policy on use of epi-pen in public schools.
Septic systems  Environment COMAR 26.04.02 & .05 Review applications; issue permits; provide installation inspection; investigate failing systems.
Solid Waste - Special medical waste Environment COMAR 10.06.06 Applies to entities which generate and handle special medical waste or sharps.  Also applies to entities which treat and dispose of special medical waste.
Solid Waste - Sewage sludge Environment COMAR  26.04.06  Permitting process and requirements for sewage sludge management
Swimming Facilities - Pool and spa licenses Environment COMAR 10.17.01 Regulations to protect and promote the health and safety of those using public pools or spas including standards of construction and disinfecting.
Swimming Facilities - Pool, spa, bathing beach inspections Environment COMAR 10.17.01,26.04.01 and 09 The Department of the Environment is responsible for issuing permits and enforcing regulations on public water systems, natural wood waste recycling facilities, public pools  and public spas
Swimming Facilities - Swimming/ bathing beach licenses Environment COMAR 26.08.09 Requirements for annual permit of operation of public beaches including sanitation quality of facilities and waters 
Tattoos - Tattoos and body piercing Consumer Protection COMAR 10.06.06G and Regulations on handling and disposing of sharp waste object that have come in contact with bodily materials. Also tattoo and body piercing shop should follow requirements of the Health Officers.
Tobacco - Distribution of tobacco products to minors Tobacco Criminal Law § 10-107 Prohibits distribution of a tobacco product or paraphernalia to a minor
Tobacco - Distribution of electronic cigarettes to minors Tobacco Health General § 24-305 Prohibits distribution of electronic nicotine devices to a minor
Tobacco - Smoking indoors Tobacco COMAR 10.19.04 Prohibition of Smoking in indoor areas open to the public; Local health departments investigate complaints
Transportation Safety - Bike helmets Injury prevention Transportation § 21-1207.1 Bicycle helmet requirements for individuals under the age of 16
Transportation Safety - Seat belts and child safety seats Injury prevention Transportation § 22-412 Requirements for the use of seat belts and child safety seats 
Vital Records - Birth Certificates Vital Records Health General §4-204 Birth, death, and fetal death certificate copies 
Water - Certificate of Potability Environment COMAR 26.04.04 Regulations establishing the standards and procedures applicable to the construction of wells.
Water - Percolation Testing Environment COMAR 26.04.02 Local health department performs percolation testing and soil analysis; site plan review; ground water monitoring
Water- Water Quality Environment COMAR 26.08.02 Surface water quality protection
Water - Well Construction Environment COMAR 26.04.04 Local health department issues permits and conducts inspections
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