Assistance Programs

Consumer Support Funds: available to assist mental health consumers of the Public Mental Health System (PMHS) maintain or access community placement (one-time per 12 months).  Eligible examples include: security deposit or first month’s rent, utility turn on and/or deposit, past due rent or utility bills, etc.  Laboratory Assistance- funds for uninsured consumers of the PMHS for blood tests necessary to monitor psychiatric medications.  Pharmacy Assistance- funds for uninsured consumers of the PMHS for psychiatric medications. 

Shelter Plus Care Housing Program: permanent supportive housing program for homeless PMHS consumers who have a serious mental illness, and are currently incarcerated or have recently been released due to misdemeanor charges.

Programs and Services

CONSUMER SUPPORT SERVICES Wicomico Behavioral Health Authority provides assistance to consumers of the public behavioral health system receiving behavioral health treatment and rehabilitation services within the fee for service network. This assistance is obtained via a “Consumer Support” Application. Request for pharmacy assistance, transportation to behavioral health-related appointments, laboratory costs as it relates to behavioral…

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Overview of the Public Mental Health System (PMHS)

Overview of the Public Mental Health System (PMHS) The PMHS is jointly coordinated and administered by the Mental Hygiene Administration (MHA), Core Service Agencies (CSA’s), and Value Options (the contracted Administrative Service Organization). MHA has oversight authority of the PMHS, which includes policy development, State-wide planning, resource allocation, and continuous quality improvement responsibilities. Value Options,…

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