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Babies Born Healthy (BBH) promotes the health and well-being of mothers and children in our community through a variety of strategies.  It focuses on the areas of preconception risk reduction, infant mortality risk reduction, and perinatal care and education that will strengthen the system of care and ensure healthy birth outcomes.  

  • Free Pack-n-Play (portable crib) to pregnant women (within 4 weeks of delivery) who meet eligibility requirements - includes Safe Sleep/SIDS Prevention information:
    • Back to Sleep initiative – always placeing infants on back for bed/nap
    • Keep pillows, stuffed animals, bumpers and toys out of crib
    • Use a light blanket tucked in on all sides and under arms of baby, not higher than the chest
    • Do not overdress the baby for sleep or overheat the sleeping room
    • No co-sleeping with parents, siblings, etc.
    • Do not smoke around baby or near baby’s crib 


Babies Born Healthly

  • For more information on Safe Sleep/SIDS Prevention go to:  http://www.nichd.nih.gov/sids/

  • Referrals to Car Seat Safety program for clients who meet eligibility requirements.

Telephone: (410) 543-6942 ext. 12814 

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