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Maryland Women, Infants & Children Program



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What is WIC?

WIC is a supplemental nutrition based program that provides assistance with nutrition, health education, healthy foods and services free of charge.

When times are tough, as they are now, you may need assistance with providing your family with the basic food necesities such as milk, bread, cheese and/or formula for your baby. Things are expensive but WIC can help!
Who is WIC for you ask? WIC is for you if :

  • You live in Maryland and are (a) pregnant woman, a new mom (up to 6 months after delivery), a breastfeeding mom (up to one year after delivery), infant and children under the age of 5 years.
  • You meet the income guidelines listed further in this website.
  • You have a nutritional need.

In this web-site you will see that we offer several services in the WIC program. Such services include, but not limited to, Breastfeeding Support from inside and outside sourses, Referrals, Nutrition Education, we offer different locations to meet your needs and we have food packages that are made based on your nutritional need.

QUESTIONS? Ask your WIC staff or call the State WIC Office at 1-800-242-4WIC or visit our website at www.mdwic.org

WIC's goal is to help keep pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants and children under the age of five healthy!


* In terms of Income, Residency, Ages of Children and Nutritional Need

* Breastfeeding classes are held every second Wednesday of the month.
* We offer breastfeeding support and we also have breastpumps that our partcipants can rent out from our program

* Pregnant women
* Pregnant women with multiples
* Mom and baby Exclusively Breastfeeding
* Mom and baby Mostly Breastfeeding
* Mom and baby Some or No Breastfeeding
* Children

* Every Tuesday and Thursday we have Nutrition Education classes during our Check Pick-Up
* There is a different topic every 3 months. Topics can range from recipes, to ways you can feed a picky eater

* We offer referrals based on your nutritional need and status.
* Our referrals are in and outside of our public Health Department

* Along with our Wicomico location, we have sites conveniently located in Worcester County and Somerset County as well.